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Become The Best You Can Be

I have practiced Mussar for over 10 years now and thankfully, continue to see myself as a student.

That being said, I have also been blessed with the opportunity to teach across North America in far-flung places such as Chicago, New York, Scottsdale, Sacramento, Calgary and Toronto. I also ran an online Mussar community of over 500 souls who collectively worked on a character trait for 2 weeks before turning to the next trait. Over three and a half years, I wrote over 150 pieces on Mussar-related topics and with our community, we covered 55 unique character traits.

I also have created, taught and managed Mussar courses for The Mussar Institute and had the privilege of sitting on their Board for many years.

I am available as a coach using Mussar principles to help you become the best you want to be. I am also available for workshops, classes or Shabbatons as well as online courses. A sample of topics that I have available include:

  • The A-E of a Personal Growth Plan
  • The Value of Mindfulness
  • Building a Daily Practice
  • Accounting of the Soul (a 13 month program)
  • The Palm Tree of Devorah
  • Anger and Patience
  • Lovingkindness

  • To contact me for further information and bookings, please click here or call (416)994-3278.

    With blessings, Modya

    If you were part of the online madrega community and did not have the opportunity to show your support, you may still do so by clicking on the donate button below.

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